I Am She-Ra Princess of Power (Little Golden Books) Edición USA (en inglés)

4,95 €

Meet She-Ra, Princess of Power! This Little Golden Book, based on the original She-Ra TV series, tells the story of He-Man's twin sister, Princess Adora, and how she became the mighty She-Ra. Children ages 2 to 5 who are fans of the new She-Ra series on Netflix will love this, as will anyone who grew up watching the original show.



She-Ra, Princess of Power is a classic animated series with a new look and new episodes for a new generation of fans. She-Ra is a brave, loyal, and empowering warrior princess for fans young and old.     


Autor John Sazaklis (Autor), Shane Clester (Ilustrador)
Formato Cartoné
Número de páginas 24 páginas. Color.
Fecha de edición Julio de 2019
Tipo Libros y Revistas
Personaje Masters del Universo
Editorial Otras editoriales
Género Infantil
Idioma Inglés

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